A life worth living is one of awareness for the value of each and every experience.


Think back over the past 30 days and take note of how many times you've felt any of the following emotions: Disconnected, angry, overwhelmed, lonely, fearful, frustrated, disappointed, guilty, inadequate, regretful, or anxious. 

Any of those resonate?


They all correlate with disempowerment. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world that can be restrictive and limiting, and we have to just play the hand we were dealt. 


 Because at the end of the day, it is what it is...  right? ​


Fuck. That. Shit. 

You're not powerless, you're stuck.

We're not victims of our circumstances, we're victims of our own beliefs about what our circumstances mean. ​​

Whatever area of your life, whether it be your career, finances, health, family, or simply your level of overall personal satisfaction, if you're not fully satisfied then it's time to take charge. 

True empowerment isn't just about beliefs, because while mindset is essential, it's nothing if not followed by action. Understanding this is the core of true empowerment. Empowerment, while similar to self-esteem and self-confidence, differs in that true empowerment comes when you’re able to convert your intentions into actions. Positive thinking becomes positive actions, which result in positive changes.


Whether you want to change your world, your family's world, your community's world, or the entire world, be prepared to start with you. The process of creating this conversion begins through cultivating greater self awareness and personal accountability. AWE Rise works with women to develop the building blocks of true empowerment by utilizing personal coaching programs and adventure based events. 

and so the adventure begins...

It's important to understand this isn't going to be perfect, and I'm going to tell you what most coaches wont: I don't have all of the answers. No one does. There is no cure all. There are no books, no courses, no daily practices, and no gurus or spiritual teachers that can give you all of the answers, because self discovery is a never-ending journey of looking inside yourself. It gets uncomfortable, scary, and confronting. If it's not, you're probably not digging in past the surface levels. We cycle and we continue on until we learn the lessons that are meant for us. It's a lifelong process that we can choose to ignore, or to embrace. We all have trauma. We all have limiting beliefs. We all get stuck, feel scared, and create judgements, but we're also responsible for our own growth, and should you choose to remain stunted, that too is your sole responsibility.


My promise to you is simply to share with you the lessons I've learned along the way. To share with you the tools I've used in my own life to break through outdated beliefs and to level up. To actively listen, to provide you with a space that is free of judgment and shame, and to show compassion, support, and provide a safe place to explore what's holding you back. You can expect a healthy dose of adventure mixed in as well. Anything from hiking and backpacking, to skiing, mountain biking, climbing, and even bungee jumping. I've found nothing creates a sense of power like getting the blood pumping while being in nature.


Finally, I want to note that coaching is not like therapy. My role as a coach is to observe you as you do your own inner work, to bring your attention to things you may be overlooking, and to champion you on your success. While you can certainly go about this journey alone, my personal experience has taught me that having a coach supporting you can help shorten the curve to deeper levels of awareness, and it can be of immeasurable benefit when those awarenesses bring up difficult emotions. Whether you've been on the road of self-discovery for ages, or you're just testing the waters, I'd love for you to reach out and connect, because what the world needs is for women like you to shed it's expectations, and to show up exactly as you are. 




Working with Kim really helped me reframe the way I view what I do. After our very first session I had already noticed a huge difference. Kim has such a gift and a way of making all things seem possible, its really impressive!

This was my first experience with coaching, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but throughout the process Kim was great. She is easy to talk to, funny, and she really helped me take ownership of the way I look at the world. I had several "lightbulb"  moments and came away with some new, much needed, perspectives.

I loved working with Kim. She has a way of helping me relax and making me laugh, even when the topic is challenging. With her guidance I've been able to let go of some beliefs that were blocking me and focus on what I really want from life.